Women watching men m

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What makes it so appealing? And, vice versa. Some women are going to love the idea of mutual masturbation. The best way to find out is by discussing the idea with her in advance.

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I want to learn more. The same may be true for you. Many women have out-of-the-box ways to masturbate. You can add some extra electricity with a few kinky ground rules, like taking turns being the submissive and dominate ones.

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Make sure these ground rules are agreed upon in advance. You can run your hands over her body. You can turn this from a solo session into a duet where you are both engaging in masturbation.

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Another great way to learn how she likes it is to let her take your hand and lead you through masturbating herself. And that, in the end, is really what makes mutual masturbation so satisfying. Talk About It First When it comes to masturbation, the element of surprise is not your friend. So how do you broach the subject? Harwick suggests framing it like a game of show and tell.

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If either of you are feeling shy, try doing it in the dark for the first time. Sometimes the sexiest thing you can offer her is your undivided attention. Subscribe Now. Get more from Men's Health. Magazine Subscription Offer Subscribe Now.

Women watching men m

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Why are more and more women watching porn made for gay men?