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For the first time in its history, The New York Times will publish personal advertisements. We prime the pump for the breakthrough section, set to premiere April SWM financial genius seeking loving, independently wealthy SF. Sensitive shock jock, JWM, ish, recently D, lots to offer despite minuscule member.

Fave movie: Bikini Carwash. Publishing scion with frisky hands seeks hot-tub tryst with foxy, intelligent writer-or hell, writers! Let me Spin you with my rare and unreleased Moby! No Celestine Prophets or Helen Fielding freakos, please. Send top 10 desert-island picks and two writing samples.

Points for having read me. Pre-nup will follow. Discuss relative merits of Emile Durkheim over Max Weber. Possible marriage, divorce, lifelong guilt. Handsome Gaelic DWM seeks buck-up. Lost me wife to chrome-domed Warbucks, lost me sitcom, too; now spend afternoons watching me Usual Suspects on DVD and combing me thick black hair. You: hot. Come have a pint of me Guinness. Just looking for fun, but possible tragic romance.

Must agree that: Bellow is overrated; Updike is goofy-looking. Let me show you that I can still prick, even if the Bloom is off the rose. Ctrl Pk W. DM, 53, well-versed novelist and big literary-dinner mystery guest. Millions want my body. Currently cooking with a foreign model but open to offers. No Shiites. SJM, 38, allergic to peanuts, dust mites, scented toilet paper, cats, dogs, ferrets, cigarette smoke, grass, ragweed, most airborne spores, milk, fleshy fruits, diesel fuel, shellfish, penicillin … Seeks F with same allergies for fun, cautious frolicking.

No freaks, perfume-wearers. SWF, attractive publicist of indeterminate age, seeks financially secure WM, agefor film premieres, love and a bite to eat afterwards. Must enjoy: shouting, side-by-side Botox treatments, Hamptons screenings and hurling chairs at journalists.

Lusty, funny-as-heck columnist, ish, tired of saggy-assed movie actors, seeks fellow wag to commiz over W. Must swear to have never seen that movie where Catherine Zeta-Jones slithers around in tights. Open-minded Oscar-winning Spence girl seeks very successful bad boy,for guided tour of the wild side, where she can shake her skinny butt with the dark Bohemian elements of society, like dangerous public-school gr. Over brunch you tell me I would have killed as Erin Brockovich. Send hehots, references, medical records, filmography. SWF, 36, ed. Seek interesting life experience with SWM.

So far, no one cares about my Uncle Mel, my inverted nipple, my lazy eye, my job as a bike messenger, my ex-boyfriend Les, my night in a lesbian bar, my night as a stripper, my adult acne, my ex-boyfriend Sam, my first pair of leather pants, my week of going without a shower.

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Will you? DJF, I bid two hearts. Must be able to drive at night. Rakish linguistics prof, DWF, 66, seeks like-minded translator for long weekends drinking tall glasses of chocolate milk and unraveling code and whatever else needs unraveling! No kids or kinky types.

SWF, 29, freelance Brooklyn writer, seeks hairy, flabby editor-type to whip my prose into shape. MUST get home delivery 7 days a week, agree with A. Scott all the time, disagree with Elvis Mitchell half the time. No druggies, sports section readers.

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You: primrose hair, phthalocyanine eyes. Me: 9-across. Sundays, we pour mimosas and do the acrostic. Send pix. I enjoy watching: building demolitions, films of Douglas Sirk, anything by Rodgers and Hart. World sees: wild heiresses with madcap tendencies, baring chests, nethers in glossies, puking in plant pots. You see: girls who are related and just want to live! Fave activity: rainy-day harpsichord restoration. No famous actors, musicians. Want to be an English Patient?

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Are you a Talented Ms. We bring: downtown screening room, fresh sushi … meet Tom Stoppard! You bring: ideas for movies with Oscar potential, story ideas for monthly glossy mag. We own it. You, patriot, with simple blue jeans, big hair, excellent chestal, looking for new ways to honor America. Me, distinguished silver-haired, blue-eyed statesman in tan gabardine suit standing with Warren Beatty and fella with earpiece, nacho cheese on chin.

We reached for the same napkin.

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I bit my lip, you squealed. Me: dapper, unjustly castigated handsome American in gabardine suit, standing next to Steven Spielberg, waiting at microwave pizza vending mach. You: Knicks girl in Spandex shorts, half-time, running past you knocked my Coke to the floor.

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Swm seeking fun swf

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