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In every generation of the Ramirez family, the women are getting closer to their career dreams. After 15 years running a massage therapy business, Ramirez was burned out. Her body ached and she needed a new way to make money. Her cousin was working at Orbitz in user experience UX and got Ramirez interested in a tech career.

Let's see what's gonna happen. As a girl Ramirez got the clear message that STEM classes, like math and science, were for boys, not girls. While the blood drained from their raised hands, the teacher ignored the girls and only called on the boys. So many women face this problem that groups like TechGirlz formed to inspire middle school girls to explore the possibilities of technology to empower their future careers. IT-Ready helped her build confidence in her math skills — an experience much different than middle school.

The class was difficult, but it was very fulfilling. That has changed my perspective on a lot of things. For fun, Ramirez plays with cards, both card games and tarot, and the 8 of clubs always speaks to her. IT-Ready helped her focus all her energy into learning the basics of technology so she could pick up the technical and soft skills she needed to get her IT career going. That was interesting and different for me.

Technology is giving her a chance to follow through on the career she wanted when she was younger. She saw that as a clue to the game being played. We're getting job offers right off the bat.

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Playing the long game, she passed on those entry-level jobs and set her sights on specific goals. Plus, why can't I do that remotely? People who are interested in a similar technology path should stay flexible and willing to solve problems, she advised.

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I will look it up. I will research. I will do whatever it takes to get this functioning again. Applications for online classes that start this summer are open. Apply now. She plans to be one of them. Making the Career Switch to Tech After 15 years running a massage therapy business, Ramirez was burned out.

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