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Evelyn was concerned rightfully so that Chad would read the blogs and internet nastiness about her history of lovers then possibly change his perception of her.

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He so lovingly replied that what she did when she was single was her right and that he had no judgment about whoever she slept with prior to their relationship. I thought that Chad was completely on point.

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He seemed to have great understand about life, letting go and living in the present. Although I get the greatness of acceptance, I certainly do also get that people in general are not so kind, forgiving, or compassionate.

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So I asked a few of my male friends what that was all about and Sluts for marriage is what I learned…. If it is his time, if he has somehow opened the mental possibility of settling down then he wants to be with the woman who makes him feel good in every area of his life.

If she has connected with him in a way that makes him feel totally free and at ease, then any of her added slut skills are only a plus. Men find that some women who have carried themselves more loosely in younger years have a greater sense of self-confidence, self-worth and are not so wrapped up in neediness from her man. He likes the idea that she can stand alone and is not defined by a companion.

Men also believe that her slutty ways have better taught her how to interact with men, making her not so controlling and domineering. While I think there was a great deal of merit to what she taught me, I also think that much has changed over the years. What women or men do in single life is really their business and other people waste too much time that could be spent creating, enjoying and living your own lives sitting in judgment of others.

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Everyone is entitled to experience their own life as they see fit and there is nothing more important than the present moment. Hello Beautiful Staff Posted August 18, More from Hello Beautiful.

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