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The world is full of beautiful black women who have heavily contributed to popular culture, art, philanthropy, and business.

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Not only are these black women talented, accomplished, and famous, these ladies are also incredibly beautiful and sexy. From chart-topping music to best-selling books to blockbuster movies, these gorgeous queens have shaped our world.

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From Beyonce to Gabrielle Union, here are the most beautiful black women in the world you need to know! When it comes to successful, charming, inclusive, talented, and beautiful black women, Rihanna immediately comes to mind.

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Aside from her impressive vocals, the Caribbean-born artist is also an entrepreneur, owning and operating the Fenty brand. While flirting with ambiguity, Janelle pushes the envelope with her gender expression and has talked about her sexuality through a bisexual and pansexual lens. Actress and producer Viola Davis is gifted, gorgeous, and stands out with her incredible career.

Among many accolades, Viola is the only black woman to have been nominated for three Academy Awards. Zoe Saldana is one of the most beautiful and accomplished black women in Hollywood, with a diverse career in film. Regardless of character skin color, Zoe Saldana is known for her sexy stage presence and amazing skills. Beautiful Lisa Bonet is a black woman who has graced television sets since her role as Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Showstarting in In her childhood, Lisa participated in beauty ants until she was discovered and continues to be iconic.

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Gabrielle Union has been blessing audiences with her timeless beauty and acting skills since the s. Aside from lingerieJasmine has also been featured in top publications and fashion shows, from Vogue to Versace. As one of the main characters on the hit series How to Get Away with MurderAja Naomi King is a rising star as a beautiful black woman and prominent actress.

Many people recognize the beautiful Halle Bailey as the new face of the Little Mermaid — her name made headlines when Disney announced a black woman would be playing the redheaded character in a live-action film. Halle has been acting since childhood and is also in a widely successful band with her sister, called Chloe x Halle. Lupita identifies as Kenyan-Mexican and has citizenship in both countries; she also is fluent in several languages, including Swahili, Spanish, English, and Luo. Tyra has several other accomplishments as an actress, talk-show host, author, producer, and even singer, and has been paving the way for other African American women to shine both on-screen and on the runway.

After being discovered at a shopping mall at the age of 15, Zuri Tibby rapidly gained traction as a beautiful black woman and professional model.

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Naomi was not only the first black model to appear in TIME magazine, but she also graced the covers of over different publications across the world. By the age of 12, Alicia Keys was a musician composing original songs.

Since starring in the popular series Scandal inKerry Washington has become a household name as an actress and producer. Init was reported by Forbes that Kerry Washington was the eighth highest-paid actress in television, a well-deserved accolade. Winne Harlow is immediately recognizable, as a beautiful black woman with a rare skin condition called vitiligo, which depigments sections of the skin. This beautiful powerhouse gained fame throughout a career spanning over 20 films and launched a music career in the early s. American model Chanel Iman is a gorgeous powerhouse within the beauty industry.

Flawlessly beautiful, Rosario is also known for her singing, comic book writing, and producing talents, along with her contributions to philanthropy and social causes. The ever-beautiful and talented Keke Palmer has been making waves in the entertainment industry since With many awards and accolades on her — including the first black woman to walk a Prada runway in over 10 years — Jourdan Dunn is dazzling. Her iconic looks have been featured across the fashion industry, representing top labels, brands, and makeup companies like Maybelline New York. Solange is identified as a strong, beautiful, and talented black woman who has been active in the music industry since the age of Henson has been a longstanding figure of feminine beauty and power.

This actress, singer, and author is as influential as she is skillful, with an Academy Award under her belt along with several captivating performances in productions such as EmpireHidden Figures, Person of Interestand The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Audiences have embraced Zoe Kravitz as a beautiful and talented actress, singer, and model. Her parents are Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz.

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New York-based model Nykhor Paul was born into civil conflict in South Sudan and grew up as a refugee in Ethiopia before moving to the United States as a teenager. During her time in the US, Nykhor has risen to extreme success as a model, working for Louis Vuitton, Rick Owens, Bale, and Vivienne Westwood, and is revered for her gorgeous, dark-toned skin.

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Sexy black woman only

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