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By using this site you are agreeing to our privacy and cookie policy. Camila Nina Dziembrowski is a teenager living in the city of Mar del Plata, first seen with friends at a museum and contemplating an archive picture of an indigenous girl who was pathologised and punished by society for her powerful sexuality.

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After making out with Bruno, sexually fluid Camila has an intense sexual encounter with Clara. That Camila is altogether free of hang-ups and in touch with her desires — unlike the more conservatively-presenting Clara — means that Barrionuevo can refreshingly dispense with the more laboured traumas that are conventional baggage of the coming-of-age or coming-out movie.

Where the film shows most insight is in the tension between Camila and her divorced mother: Victoria is shown as empathetic and supportive, taking absolutely no pleasure in playing the disciplinarian, although she sometimes has to. While the film is exuberantly current in its representation of sexuality and its denunciation of oppression, it could be accused of lacking diversity in its body imagery: the teenage cast is unfailingly gorgeous, with only one female friend of Camila striking a blow for difference as a glasses-wearing intellectual.

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And it never quite overcomes a certain glossy cosiness, being located in the bubble world of private-school kids who hang out at what seem like the hippest clubs of Buenos Aires. International sales: Latido Films latido latidofilms.

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A trio of Italian filmmakers ask the next generation what might lie ahead for their country and themselves. Screen International is the essential resource for the international film industry. Subscribe now for monthly editions, awards season weeklies, access to the Screen International archive and supplements including Stars of Tomorrow and World of Locations.

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More Reviews. Subscribe to Screen International Screen International is the essential resource for the international film industry.

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