Remind me what love is

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I agree with you, the flow is so I think people are taking it too seriously. I laughed out loud hearing the 'I love rock and roll' sample because its just Em making the music he wants to at the moment, can really hear it on that track.

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One of the things that throw me off about this song is. Of all the beats he could pick he choses fucking "I love Rock and Roll", I can't believe it. I think the intro built it up too much. If the sample wasn't so familiar and iconic, I think it would be better. I like the bars and the energy, but the familiarity of that chorus makes me cringe no matter how many times I give it a chance.

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Really cannot understand your opinion on this one. Not trying to add to the circle jerk against this song, but this was practically unlistenable for me and Em is god tier for me. The original song is so overplayed it's almost a cliche. So using it as a sample makes the song unbearably corny and annoying.

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Found the internet! I think that sample has been used perfectly. I personally love the blend of the rock and rap, but I can see why people aren't enjoying this.

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Posted by 4 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Revival interlude is a beautiful masterpiece, tho. Edit: It's like a satire of the song than a true sample.

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Remind me what love is

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