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Linked To. Location city or town Greymouth. Donate to West Coast Website. Welcome Guest. Nude frolickers warned!

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Description Nude frolickers warned! Shown in this image. Location city or town Greymouth Event Nude frolickers warned! From Facebook. Don Pearson Those were the days. Anne Lambe Wow look at this Sean Coleman wasn't you was it. Heather Newby the dances!!! Dad said they were just great!!! It is nothing new Helen Brennan 50 years ago we did it was busier than any day when you heard a car you were silent until they climbed over wall too-great fun no harm done Ron McCann We were doin it in the 60s block walls Barbara Fitzsimmons Ron McCann you make sound like we were all shagging in the 60s lmao.

Ron McCann Barbara Fitzsimmons sorry Nude greymouth girls didn't mean it like that, Manage Janet Chappell A teenage thing back in the day midnight pool access brings back memories lol Peter Dennehy They would have to be careful climbing, the corrugated iron fence. I know what gran was like on the drink Glenys Elizabeth Martin Remember in the late 60s or early 70s it was the thing to do but one of the people had a key a hell of a lot of fun no I never went in the water Ian A Cox Did this in the Blaketown school baths and the sea it was just something teenage boys do did know many girls who wanted to Wendy Perkins Those were the days - when you could sneak into pools at night.

Linda Papworth haha we did in the 60 cops use to come tell us to kept the noise down!! Ha ha So wrong. My gosh what a terrible fun thing to do,!!! Maree Burrell ? Karen Potter We did it. But not nude. Gavin Davy I reckon just about everyone who ever lived in Greymouth has been guilty of that one at some stage.

Kevin Voigt I was a gentleman I helped no we pulled sheet iron of fence John Greaney It would be easier to name those that have not done that. At least half of my age group would have done it. Sometimes there were more swimmers in that pool at midnight than the day time. Snowy should have worked night shift. Phillip Lee Police could have just parked a car there or any other swimming pool on the coast back then, would have given us all another challenge before our swim.

Peter Silcock Most of the Bobbies would still have been on bicycles back then. Myron Caldwell would this be described as an early "expos'e in Greymouth hisotry.

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Amy Stacey Margaret Standen was that you?? Cops busted us one night and we were made to buy a season ticket. Pat Pfeifer Ha yeah the good old days. Start typing here to find a location Latitude Longitude Zoom Actions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Save Revert Cancel loading google map Save Cancel. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Content on this site may be subject to Copyright, please contact West Coast New Zealand History before any reuse if you are unsure.

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Nude greymouth girls

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