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By Reuters Staff. The allegations in this meme are an assortment of false claims, partly false claims and a claim that needs further context. A post with over 9, likes on Instagram is visible here. Other posts are visible here and here. This claim is partly false. Harris was largely brought up in the US and lived in Canada for five years from the age of The locations Harris lived in during her upbringing have been publicly documented.

Kamala Harris was born inin Oakland, California. Harris lived in Montreal from tofrom seventh grade until graduation from Westmount High in Montreal herehere.

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Following her high school years in Canada, Harris returned to the U. C followed by a law degree at University of California, Hastings www. Her legal career began in California as well. S in here. Harris has long identified as Black hereyoutu.

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While Brown was legally married at the time, he had been separated from his wife Blanche Brown since here. Further reporting on Harris and Brown relationship is found here here. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation CDCR shared state level statistics of incarcerations by offense with Reuters via it is important to note their statistics are for state prisons and exclude data from county jails. The admissions for marijuana and hashish related offenses for the yearsand was 37 in report also visible here. Their data is unavailable, while data shared with Reuters indicated offenders in and for for these drug.

This adds to a total of 2, offenses for the years,and This drug offender data was not, however, categorized by race. Calculations by Politifact reached similar s inhere. Mercury News noted that most of the marijuana cases in the state were not prosecuted by the AG, but by county districts attorneys, so the total for the state is likely a lot higher than the CDCR data. In California, the possession of over California DOJ statistics for show the of Black people arrested not imprisoned with misdemeanors relating to marijuana offenses was table 34, 42 herein it was table 34, 42 herein it was table 34, 42 herefor it was 1, table 34, 42 herefor it was table 34, 42 here and for it was 8, table 34, 42 here.

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This totals to 24, arrests for marijuana related misdemeanors the substantial drop from is likely a result of legislation changes, see www. It is worth noting, however, that in the past, Harris was known for having been tough on crime and backed harsh policies that may have harmed people of color. Further reporting and opinion reading on this are found herehereand here.

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Further reading on marijuana incarcerations in California jails, here. This claim is missing context. Snopes, who investigated this claim here inreported that Brown owned at least and slaves in andrespectively. These in-depth Fact Checks by Snopes and Politifact here have determined that while there is no clear evidence to prove Kamala Harris is a descendant of slave owners, it is likely that she is a descendant of both slaves and slave owners. This dark historical fact undermines the point this claim tries to make - that having a white slave-owner in her ancestry makes Harris or any African American less Black.

Partly False. This meme contains a mixture of false, partly false information and claims missing context.

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This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. about our work to fact-check social media posts here. By Reuters Staff 13 Min Read.

Looking for tgick black chick Wilmington guy

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