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She had an absolutely unique look, sometimes otherworldly, and very witchy with her long white hair and missing teeth.

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The late great director Gallaga described it as a pagan, pre-Christian quality. From then on, she was typecast and there was no looking back.

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She built a career on that look and we've all seen her somewhere. Even if people may not know her name, they would most certainly know the face.

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But beyond that unique look, is a unique personality. Lilia herself is quite a character and this is revealed in each vignette and situation in this "mockumentary. When she gets a call for a "TV Patrol" interview, she ends up sitting on a monobloc on the side road waiting for the crew to arrive. She also collects newspaper cut outs of posters for the movies she's been in, and for the ones she doesn't have, she'd make drawings of them. When she was in "Delta Force 1," she wrote her name above Chuck Norris.

By the way, one of her connections to Kevin Bacon from where were get the six degrees game is Claire Danes, who supposedly could not be reached to comment on Ms. Lilia passed away five years ago. Thankfully, she got to feel the love and appreciation from this film for which she won a best actress prize at the Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival. It's got a lot of comedy, a lot of quirky fashion, a great soundtrack and it's got a fabulous setting - a very stylized London in the '70s. There's couture mixed with glam, street fashion and punk.

As an origin story, Cruella feels like "Joker"-lite at times. It never steps in to dark or social commentary territory though.

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It's really just a mad, stylish romp. Cruella made me remember a time when I used to like putting on something fun, goth and strange to go to school, to work or to a rock club. Now, I've just lost my talent for creative outfit selection and surrendered to rotating pairs of pandemic sweatpants, pajama bottoms and shorts. The two Emmas Stone and Thompson are fantastic and they've ended it with a sequel in mind. Business Forum. Market Overview. TMT Rewards. TMT Digital Edition. TMT Channel on the L!

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Looking for fun and freaky

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