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When Chris Graham slides his tablet across the table to show lawmakers the police report detailing his rape, he sees their faces change. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Powell.

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It's a powerful corroboration of his abuse in by the late Rev. Now, he's using it to raise awareness about clergy sexual abuse of minors and the Ohio laws that keep people like him from seeking justice. The Ohio civil statute of limitations for victims of childhood sexual abuse is capped at age 30 and its criminal statute of limitations for victims of childhood sexual abuse is capped at age 43, with another five years granted if DNA is found within 25 years.

Tell us your story: Are you a victim of priest sexual abuse? Share your experience anonymously. The state's damages cap, put in place during tort reform inLooking for classifieds sex Columbus to personal injury cases. The civil statute of limitations, and the fact that Graham's abuser is dead, have kept him from being able to pursue civil or criminal charges. But he would sue the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus or his abuser if he could.

Experts have repeatedly said that Ohio's laws regarding child sexual abuse survivors are some of the worst in the nation. In recent years, many states have changed their laws in order to better protect survivors of child sexual abuse. Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, California and Nevada are among those that have passed window legislation, allowing survivors a set time period to come forward with their case, no matter how long ago it was, Hamilton said.

In July, two U. Where did accused priests serve locally? Jennifer Wexton D-Va. When survivors are empowered and able to come forward with what's happened to them, predators who are still abusing children often are identified, Hamilton said. For more than 15 years, Ohio legislators have been introducing laws to improve the statute of limitations and monetary caps that they say discourage survivors from reporting what happened to them.

Yost and Seitz discuss: Should Ohio eliminate the statute of limitations for rape?

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Tavia Galonski, a Democrat from Akron. With Rep. Jessica MirandaD-Forest Park, she introduced House Bill this session to eliminate the statutes of limitations for civil and criminal sex crimes.

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The bill, which Galonski has introduced three other times, is in committee but has not yet had a hearing. Still, Galonski remains hopeful and persistent. Richard Strauss case: Democrats, governor push to remove criminal statute of limitations on sex crimes. Kristin Boggsa Democrat from Columbus, is another lawmaker working to change Ohio's laws.

She introduced House Bill to raise the cap on damages for survivors of rathree times, as she believes victims should get the money juries award them. Advocates for reform point to insurance companies as the real reason why some lawmakers aren't keen to make changes. Such companies worry that paying out all the claims could bankrupt them — and the diocese.

Seitz is an influential lawmaker who has been working as an elected official in the Statehouse since He serves on both the civil and criminal justice committees in the House and favors making the state more "business-friendly," according to his website.

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Boggs' bill, for example, would change Ohio law to allow victims to not only sue their perpetrator, but also those who employed or supervised them. Seitz has said he won't support it. In committee, Seitz said he wouldn't support the bill unless his proposal of exempting employers and supervisors of abusers from litigation was used, Boggs said.

Setiz said if past efforts to eliminate statutes of limitations and damages caps laws had been successful, it could have "resulted in the bankruptcy of many dioceses of the Catholic church. As for statutes of limitations, Seitz said labeling Ohio's laws as being in the "dark ages" is "hyperbolic and untrue. What it's all about is certain people want to open the floodgates of monetary liability.

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Survivors, survivors' groups and advocates say that it's not about the money; they want reform and justice, especially when it comes to what has gone on within the Catholic church. Hiner said most victims tell him what they want most is for no other child to experience what they have and for people to believe their story. When allegations are made against a priest and found credible, the Diocese makes an announcement to its parishes, officials said in a statement. It also makes the Victims Assistance Coordinator available to alleged victims and that person "becomes an advocate for the victim, helping to promote hope and healing in different ways, such as connecting the victim with a mental health provider for treatment and support.

Hiner believes Seitz has a "somewhat ignorant" view of what the legal system is like for sex abuse victims. Graham discovered through psychotherapy last year that he was raped by Lavelle, who died in The average age for adults to disclose such abuse is 52, and Hiner said that's in part because victims suffer from shame, self-doubt and degradation. Graham has said he'd like to work with the Catholic church toward reform and hopes to partner with church officials, not destroy it.

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Years ago, Ohio had a chance to be one of the first states to reform its laws regarding sex abuse victims, Hamilton said, but then-Columbus Catholic Bishop Frederick Campbell stepped in right before the law changes were passed. Inthe state legislature was about to approve a one-year window in which victims could report abuse that had happened as long as 35 years ago, Hamilton said. At the last moment, Campbell pressured Republican lawmakers not to do it and it failed, she said.

Today, when asked about statute of limitations reform, officials from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus and the Catholic Conference of Ohio, a lobbying organization, released nearly identical statements saying they don't oppose it. The diocese said that it wasn't alone in its opposition inwhich was because it would have reopened claims that ly had expired under Ohio law and because, it said, it was unconstitutional. That hasn't stopped many states from having such legislation, Hamilton said, including New York, which just closed a two-year window during which than 9, sexual abuse cases were filed.

Graham has big goals, starting with wanting a grand jury to be called like the one convened by the Pennsylvania attorney general, which found more than 1, victims of sexual abuse by more than priests. But Ohio officials have declined to call a grand jury, saying it's not within their jurisdiction due to Ohio's home rule laws or that there isn't cause for one. Mike DeWinewho advocated in for legislators to revisit statute of limitations for sex crimes, said his office remains in discussion with legislators on the issue and hopes they will pursue reforms, according to a statement from his office.

Ron O'Brien, who concluded 24 years as Franklin County's prosecutor in December, said for that years that there was nothing to prosecute when it came to the local diocese, as officials told him of all allegations and there hadn't been any since Current Prosecutor Gary Tyack, elected in November, said in an that he hasn't discussed the topic with the diocese. And we don't know to what degree. Anyone who might have experienced sexual abuse by those associated with the Catholic church is encouraged by the Diocese of Columbus to contact law enforcement and the diocesan Victims' Assistance Coordinator ator helpisavailable columbuscatholic.

Find more coverage of clergy sex abuse in Columbus here and at Dispatch. Facebook Twitter. Danae King The Columbus Dispatch.

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