Looking for a secret escape

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Tourist attractions will always have their place among travelers. For the true adventurers, the ones not afraid of getting lost in another world, there are hidden locations to be enjoyed by those in the know. In a city such as NYC, tourist traps are in abundance, but so is adventure, if you know where to look. Secret escapes to New York exist in plain sight as well as in hidden corners of the city, and they are just waiting to be discovered. In a city as large and busy as NYC, you can expect not to know every single thing that is happening around the city.

Occupying a six-foot by six-foot freight elevator, this secret escape in NY offers a big experience in a small space. To ensure everyone gets the full experience, visitors are rotated in and out of the museum, meaning stragglers will be moved along.

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The exhibition is a combination of items on display that people utilize daily which embody modern humanity and current events in the world. Some of the current selection includes ISIS currency, personal items of immigration, and inmate inventions, etc. Visitors can peek through a window at the objects and even call a toll-free that offers explanations of the objects contained within the museum. No matter the collection, the smallest museum in NYC packs a big punch. C Seaport Mr. The interior of the hotel was deed by Danish architect Thomas Juul-Hansen, which makes the atmosphere something very special to behold.

The hotel contains 66 unique guest rooms and suites with all the amenities and personalized services you could ask for. Ten premium suites possess panoramic balconies that offer fantastic views of the city during both the day and night. All rooms feature the most exquisite Italian linens, the newest electronic entertainment, and luxuries meant for relaxation. Canal Street Market In cities where square footage is at a premium, finding locations that offer retail locations, food, and events all in one space is mutually beneficial to both consumers and businesses alike. The Canal Street Market is a 12, square foot building full of retail stores, artsy pop-ups, and a brand new food hall with mini versions of well-established restaurants such as Nom Wah, Ippudo, Uma Temakeria, and Boba Guys just to name a few.

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It can be the exploration of secret locations or underground hot spots known to few but deserving of your time. Luxury comes in many forms; each one of them unique to those experiencing it.

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If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our travel experts about your next luxury experience in NYC, today. NYC Travel Update. NYC will require proof of vaccination for patrons at indoor venues starting August 16, Post: « Washington, D.

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Looking for a secret escape

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