Looking for a beautiful thing

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Two new books delve more deeply and much more scientifically into what makes a visual object beautiful and why we like what we like. Can you like something without wanting it? But is that really all it means? Without taking the fun out of food, sexart, and other bringers of pleasure, he traces how each of these areas of human interest may affect the brain. Though we may each respond differently to a painting or a cozy village view, for example, each of us does respond positively to certain things and not to others.

When I look at a certain sort of image, say of a small European village, with modest homes, winding alleys, a sense of meandering order, I find it entrancing. Whereas a perfect photo of a colorful blooming flower may leave me unimpressed.

Some of his chapter titles give you a sense of the complexities of the subject: ing beauty, The illogic of beauty, The logic of pleasure, Art: A tail or a song? Visual art is the main one Chatterjee covers, and he focuses on aesthetic encounters, not the creativity involved in the making of art.

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Interestingly, liking and wanting are close neighbors in our brains. They often work together. But not always. Chatterjee explores why we can appreciate without wanting to acquire. We canthough it seems as though a lot of people who can afford to, must have every thing of beauty they can have.

But how does all that appreciating make us better people? Art is universal, but not expressed the same way in different cultures.

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Chatterjee suggests:. Art can be both the expression of an instinct and a relaxation from this instinct. The key is whether art in a specified cultural environment follows narrowly prescribed rules or whether it is varied and unpredictable.

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Art, as it turns out, als our freedom. He put aside an early interest in photography and art when he became a scientist, and later he re-integrated those interests into his current focus on the brain, photography, and art history. I think it would have opened a world up for me, the world. Shimamura covers such intriguing topics as what your favorite color is and why, how we recognize familiar forms in our environment, universally appreciated simple pleasures, why we create stories, the moral guidelines we find in art, and much more.

A joyous blend of psychology, science, and art appreciation. Copyright c by Susan K. Susan K. Perry, Ph. Her current focus is on the creative aspects of rationality and atheism. Worry is driven by mood, not logic. Anxiety holds your deepest yearnings. And you can subdue it for good. Three experts turn everything you know about anxiety inside out. Susan K Perry Ph. Creating in Flow. Posted June 20, Share. About the Author. Online: Susan's WebsiteFacebookTwitter. Read Next. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help.

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Looking for a beautiful thing

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