Lookin for a second

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A mellow Hank Mobley groove piece. Lead sheets, second parts and concert condensed score available. Purchasing this song through our affiliate links with certain retailers provides jazzleheets. Thank you!

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Hank Mobley is one of the most acclaimed tenor saxophonists in modern jazz history. He is recognized by musicians and critics alike as one of the most important and eloquent jazz instrumentalists of all time. He recorded well over of his own original compositions and left an indelible mark on the post-bop jazz scene.

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All selected items will be available for download after purchase. Recording: Hank Mobley - Reach Out! Buy MP3. Hank Mobley - Lookin' East. Our audio excerpt starts at the beginning of the recorded track. It's a measure ABC form melody with important rhythm section hits punctuating the first four measures of the B section. The B section then returns to the 2-feel of the A section. The C section has an entirely different two-measure rhythmic hit formula. The hits are also part of the solo section, so the hits are notated in all editions.

Since this was originally recorded as a quintet, there are multiple purchasing options available: Our concert Condensed Score shows everything notated as it sounds. The C treble clef lead sheet is written an octave higher, so it's perfect for guitarists.

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It's also the correct range for the flute. Lookin' East comes from Hank's album " Reach Out! This was Hank's last date before moving to Europe he was there from Not more than three days after playing on Miles Davis' seminal record "Miles in the Sky," where Davis and his young band of Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams and Ron Carter can be heard breaking new ground with harmonic and rhythmic abstraction, George Benson recorded with Hank Mobley on this deeply swinging session.

Many times, your role as a guitarist in the rhythm section is to add just a little accompaniment behind the melody, especially, as in this case, when there is also a piano comping.

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Here, George Benson contributes some light chordal stabs to the A section of the melody and a single-note line to the rhythm section hits at C. After comping alongside pianist Lamont Johnson in the same funky fashion and restating his C section part under Woody Shaw's trumpet solo, he plays a bluesy chorus of his own.

George's role is the same for the out melody. As he masterfully demonstrates, the guitar can add an extra flair to an otherwise swinging arrangement while blending seamlessly with the other instruments. Related Songs. Send this to a friend via. Add your name or in the first field. In the second, add one or more addresses, separated by a comma.

Your Name Recipient's Address. Close Send. Hank Mobley July 7, — May 30, Hank Mobley is one of the most acclaimed tenor saxophonists in modern jazz history.

Lookin for a second

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