Lady Kills Her Day Old Baby After Cutting Her Throat

A young woman believed to be around 19 years old cut the neck of her one-day-old baby.

The suspect, whose name was given as Patience, better known as Mummie,  killed her day old baby at a cocoa farm in Atenrom, a village near Akyem Etwereso in the eastern region.

She delivered a baby to himself last Friday at dawn, but claimed that some parts looked like an animal.

The suspect, according to a witness, Nana Owusu, took the baby to a nearby bush and cut h is throat with a kitchen knife.

The teenager, refused to reveal the baby’s whereabouts after several demands from her uncle and village elders. Her refusal forced the young people of the community to undertake a search and after several hours the lifeless body of the baby wrapped in a sack was found on a cocoa farm.

Since then, the suspect has been arrested by Akyem Ofoase District Police to assist in investigations. Meanwhile, the baby’s body has been deposited in the morgue of the Oda Government Hospital.

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