I just want to serve you

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View privacy policy or manage cookies. How it works. Russell Borders is organising this fundraiser. Our downtown location has been in business since May 2, when founder Bill Borders decided to create a place where everybody would feel comfortable in the company, of, well, everybody.

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You will find the most diverse individuals dining here at any time of the day. We take pride in this, and will continue to stick to this as our motto. Since the opening, we have struggled through some difficult times, being one of the worst, however we have managed to work together with our staff of 40 and keep my dad's vision alive. During this time, we have made many attempts to purchase the property which the restaurant resides on but have not been successful for one reason, or another.

The owner of this property has informed us that the LLC whom owns it, has been made an offer by a development company and has decided to sell the property.

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The owner has provided us an opportunity to raise the capital necessary to purchase the property but we would need to do so in a short period of time. While we could apply for a commercial bank loan, we have decided we would prefer the capital be raised by those willing to help us save Western Omelette. This would make it possible for us to give back to you, vs. We are very optimistic of this decision and truly believe in the power of the people. Our goal is to raise additional capital to purchase the property and continue providing jobs for all those whom make this business possible.

We may not be a chain, and not always perfect but we have always had the best interest of the people at heart. For those of you who have not enjoyed breakfast, lunch or late lunch with us, please take a peek at our website to see all the allicious entrees we offer. Western Omelette Website Those of you who are familiar with us, know that Bill would go out of his way to help anyone. Launching this GoFundMe campaign was no easy task as Bill is the type of person who does not like to ask for anything, without giving something in return.

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We have been assembling a list of perks for you to select from, for those who see value in keeping this location alive. One way to show our appreciation, is a credit in the amount of your contribution, which can be used toward your food and drink purchase.

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It's a win for all of us. We will continue to think of ways to show our appreciation for helping us keep Western Omelette alive, and will post ideas for you to comment on. If you do not feel comfortable adding your name to your donation, please send us an with your donation details, so we can add you to our contributors. I am sure it goes without saying, we have truly been blessed to serve all those whom have walked through these doors and would love the honor to continue serving you in the future.

I understand there are many other campaigns too consider, so please accept my sincere gratitude for reading our story. Thank you for the past 28 years. It truly has been an honor to serve you. Donations See top donations. Nikki Lee. Briana Sallee.

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Mary Burdis. Dawn Leverington. Russell Borders. Report fundraiser.

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