Have 420 friendly fun

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Marijuana is popular, but weed laws vary depending on where you are. While pot is still illegal in many places, some cities are a stoner's dream. These are the top 15 most cannabis-friendly cities you can find. What are you waiting for? Bottom line: Marijuana was legalized in the Windy City in January Since then, dozens of new stores have opened, with nearly shops expected to open by At the moment, medical marijuana dispensaries are the only locations that you can legally purchase recreational marijuana in Chicago, but they're not hard to find.

Locals can possess 30 grams, roughly an ounce, of cannabis, or products made with up to milligrams of THC. Visitors can carry half that amount. Bottom line: Las Vegas isn't dubbed "the city that never sleeps" for nothing.

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It's the go-to destination for all-night partying, so it's only fitting that the city has embraced recreational marijuana use. It's legal in all of Nevada for adults 21 and over who can possess up to an ounce of marijuana or an eighth of an ounce of cannabis concentrate. Public consumption has recently been legalized in d clubs, so be on the lookout for new spots.

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There's even a cannabis museum coming soon! Definitely read up on local lawsbut the city is one of the most cannabis-friendly cities in the U. Bottom line: Uruguay was one of the first countries to legalize cannabis. It was legalized recreationally in Decemberand in Augustit was ruled that residents could grow up to six plants in their homes.

In Montevideo, there are numerous growing clubs and thousands of registered personal growers. Technically, visitors can't buy marijuana therebut residents are often happy to share. As long as you're over 18, you can smoke in most outdoor public locations.

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Bottom line: Washington state legalized recreational cannabis in for adults over Cannabis cafes and shops are plentiful throughout Seattle, and the city is especially popular in summer. Bottom line: Ever heard of the slogan "Keep Portland Weird"? Portland is every bit as quirky as it claims to be, and part of that is being cannabis-friendly. In terms of cannabis, any adult can carry up to an ounce at a time, tourists included.

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The Rose City also has plenty of food, surprisingly gorgeous bridges and lo of public art. Bottom line: In Canada, weed is legal for both medical and recreational use. Since it was legalized, Vancouver has become a friendly tourist destination. There are plenty of tourist destinations in the area, so consider planning your excursion itinerary first. Bottom line: Ontario, Canada, is pretty welcoming to recreational marijuana users. If you're 19 or older, you can legally buy, possess, use and even grow recreational marijuana.

It's safe to carry up to 30 grams at a time, but you can only use it in private residences and in public outdoor spaces. So, you can only expect Toronto, one of Ontario's busiest cities, to be in on the fun with plenty of cannabis cafes to visit. Some specialize in fine edibles that rival pastries found in the best local bakeries.

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But be careful, as even the prettiest pastry can be surprisingly potent. The destinations in the U. Colorado legalized recreational weed in Since then, the marijuana tourism industry there has exploded. Spend the day on the slopes, then cozy up in a cannabis cafe. Bottom line: In sunny Los Angeles, recreational cannabis use is legal for all adults 21 and over.

Just don't smoke beyond private property, and you're good. If you haven't been to L. Since recreational use was legalized in California, businesses have popped up on almost every corner! Here are a few of the top picks in the areaincluding some shops that offer delivery. Bottom line: The Bay Area is one of the birthplaces of the counterculture movement in the s and has always been accepting of marijuana. If you're 21 or over, you can have an ounce of cannabis flower or up to eight grams of cannabis concentrate.

Bottom line: Never heard of Nimbin? Bottom line: Bob Marley grew up here, so I think we all know Jamaica is plenty weed-friendly.

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Surprisingly, it was only decriminalized in Bottom line: If you thought the beaches of Barcelona were beautiful, just wait until you visit Ibiza. The balmy, Mediterranean breeze wafts through the city.

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It has endless miles of sunny, sandy beaches to relax on. Spain is one of the most cannabis-friendly countriesespecially in the city of Ibiza. Bottom line: Ah, Spain. Bottom line: Amsterdam is the pinnacle of free-thinking cities. Speaking of the city, it has a lot more than weed to offer. The streets are lined with independently owned shops, museums and restaurants.

Have 420 friendly fun

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