Entertainment: 7 Popular Nigerian Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Twins (Photos)


Not everything celebrities reveals to you online, do you know that some celebrities who are twin? yes in this post, am showing you at 7 celebrities you didn’ t know are twins apart from popular Psquare:

1 Mary and Joseph Lazarus

Mary Lazarus is a Nigerian actress who is popular for acting in a variety of IrokoTV movies and TV shows, as well as a number of TV advertisements.

She’s also has a twin brother named Joseph Lazarus, that is one thing a lot of people don’ t know. Although the two are not identical twins.

2. Kehinde and Taiwo Bankole

One of the most prolific Nigerian actresses on the rise is Kehinde Bankole on this list, is the gorgeous actress who has appeared in a number of blockbuster films, and has received honours for it.

Kehinde has a lovely twin sister named Taiwo as well, who is an event planner, both of them are very similar and almost inseparable, though they are not identical but the similarity cannot be denied.

3. Elozonam and Kanso

Elozonam the BBN reality show star is the most notable for his time in the Big Brother house and his alliance with Diane, a fellow Big Brother housemate. He has been an influencer on social media since his days.

People don’ t know about Elozonam is that he have a twin brother, named Kanso,

A little- known fact that people sometimes don’ t know about is that he’ s really a twin.

4. Eku Edewor and Kes

Eku Edewor is a very famous and renowned presenter, actress, and also a model who is recognized in the Nigerian entertainment world, She also has a twin sister called Kessiana but she lives in London.

Eku and Kessiana are identical twins, unlike other twins on this list.

5. Blair and Roberts from Clinton

Another on the list are singers, these future singers, and television personalities, Blair and Clinton Roberts, who are also known as the DNA Twins, have been refered to by many as the ” next P- Square, ” in Nigerian music industry.

6. Nazim and Kalim

If Amokachi’ s surname sounds familiar to you, that is because it is. Daniel Amokachi, a legendary Nigerian footballer who has given birth to identical twin sons, Nazim and Kalim, who many don’ t know.

These boys are following their father’ s step by little by little into playing football.

7. Mayorkun and Ayobami Adewale

Last on the list, is Mayorkun and Ayobami Adewale, on January 1st, 2021, when Mayorkun, a Nigerian musician, shared a photo that got Nigerianw attention on his social media accounts, while wishing people a happy new year,

In the photo which is below, is Mayorkun and Ayobami Adewale, who everything is thinking he must be his twin brother.

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