Cute and have a personality

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Good artistic abilities.

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It makes me want to learn more about her. A woman who always smiles. Like when she gives me a big huge or smiles a lot when we see each other.

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It just makes me even more excited to be around her. Somebody who you can talk to really easily.

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Being good with. She can easily befriend anyone and literally have a conversation with anybody. I just love a girl who can navigate her way through any social situation. A girl with an awesome sense of humor and a love of goofing around and being silly. Just chemistry in the sense that we can joke around together and have interesting conversations and talk easily together. A girl who takes care of herself, like she exercises and treats her body well.

And when she does something sweet to surprise me, like showing up with my favorite beer when she comes over. When she has a really cute and infectious laugh. It just makes me laugh too. Not too much perfume or anything. She just has a really fresh, unique scent. Learn more about Thought Catalog and our writers on our about. These words are for us all.

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Cute and have a personality

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What is your definition of a cute personality?