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Couple Organises Second Engagement Ceremony For Granny



In 2016,

Lauren Parks‘ grandmother, Marie Engelking, was admitted in a memory care unit moments after she suffered dementia.


While in the care home, Park and her lover Tommy got engaged in a ceremony.They both would have loved for Marie to attend.


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The two lovebirds were disappointed as the grandmother was missing in their engagement photos. However they did not give up as they thought of other ways to make it up to her.

When Parks and her lover held their wedding, they tried all they could to get her grandma to the venue in vain.

Still adamant, the couple did their magic and made sure they had brought a piece of their wedding to her.

Parks, the bride, put on her wedding dress, her hubby his wedding suit. Together they ‘stormed’ the memory care unit to surprise their grandma with a tiny second wedding party.

Some members of their families also jumped on board and joined them at the care facility. All fully dressed in their wedding dresses and suits.

It was all celebrations at the facility as the family held an impromptu wedding ceremony. This was all just for the grandmother who had missed the first one.


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