Coffee or wine friend

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Central Perk coffee beans will also be available to celebrate the sitcom's 25th anniversary. Yes, the pilot episode aired September 22,and could now, age-wise, feasibly have moved in with Chandler and Joey.

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Consumer Products. Rich, dark chocolate syrup combined with our bold, hour steeped cold brew creates precisely balanced flavors of coffee and chocolate for perfectionists like Monica Geller. The Rachel Matcha Latte — Indulge yourself like Rachel Green, with the lightly sweetened blend of ceremonial grade matcha with our silky vanilla powder and milk.

Perfect for the trendsetters and matcha enthusiasts alike. Freshly pulled espresso shots finished with lightly aerated milk, makes for a sweet, velvety refreshment.

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Get ready to be taken seriously. A blend of creamy coconut and toasted caramel infused with our extroverted espresso that not even Chandler Bing can say no to. The Phoebe Cookies and Cream Ice Blended — The combination of sweet, creamy vanilla, a splash of espresso and chocolate cookie pieces that is guaranteed to put a pep in your step and have you singing just like Phoebe Buffay. Additionally, you can brew up some regular joe or a cup of tea with your own circle of friends with the newly-released line of Central Perk coffees and tea, which includes a medium roast pre-grounddark roast whole beanand black tea bags.

The mugs, coffee, and tea are available for purchase in stores and online at store.

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The drinks will be available on the menu from July 31 through August 27,while the coffee products will be in stock through the end of summer. Also, starting on National Friendship Day August 4 for one whole week if you order any Friends -themed drink you'll receive another free to share with a friend of your choice. Despite ending in 15 years ago! Unfortunately for Friends fans, the series will be departing that platform in as will The Office as WarnerMedia looks to launch its own competing service.

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The Chandler. The Phoebe. Close in.

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Coffee or wine friend

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