Are you ready for a serious relationship

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Are You Ready for a Serious Relationship? Find Out With This Quiz! Scroll To Start Quiz.

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All the time. A couple times a day. Almost never. Once a day or so. Five or nine times a day. Once a week or so. A few times a year. Once a year. Once a relationship. Maybe, but I haven't tried it yet. I don't think so. No way. I don't get jealous. I get a little jealous sometimes. I am a very jealous person. I brim with jealousy all the time. Once, ever. Lo, probably more than they know themselves.

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I know a bit here and there, but I forget names easily. I know their parents' names, I think. I know nothing of them. They're great! Holidays are always fun with them. I'll see them when I have to. I never want to see them. Very good. Pretty good. I can do it but don't do it often. I'm awful at that. I'm a very thoughtful person. I'm pretty thoughtful most of the time.

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I have my thoughtful moments. I'm completely thoughtless. I put a lot of work into my friendships. I put a decent amount of work into my friendships. I put very little work into my friendships. I put no work into friendships. If they don't work out, it's because they weren't meant to be. I always honor my values. I rarely compromise. I'm not too driven by my values. I have no values. Yes, if it comes to that.

Probably, depending on the issue. Not my very best friends. Not at all. Of course I would. I probably would. I probably wouldn't. I would always side with my family. Yes, I'll be all over that. I will do it if it's major, but otherwise just hope it goes unnoticed. I don't think I could do that very often. I can't publicly stand up to my friends! How would that look? A couple years. A few months. A week or two.

A day or two. Yes, a couple times. Yes, once. I thought I had, but it was just puppy love. No, never. It was a mutual breakup. I did the dumping. I got dumped. I got arrested.

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Yes, I am. As long as it isn't too alien, I'm up for it. I don't know for sure. Definitely not. I think I'd be okay with that so long as it is reciprocated. I don't know how often I'd be cool with that. Absolutely not. I'll do it, for love. I'm willing to go every once in a while. I'll do that once or twice, but that's all. Yes, I can work on my bad habits. I am not willing to change more than a few things. I'll change one or two things, but that's all. I will change nothing! Yes, they are.

They've strongly hinted at it.

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I don't think they've considered it yet. They have explicitly said they aren't interested in that. Yes, we all get along well. They seem to like me. We don't argue much. We don't get along at all. I'll pull up stakes, sure.

I wouldn't want to move too far from a place I could still have my career. I wouldn't want to move far from where I live now. I don't want to move at all. I'll do it for love! I'll consider it, if my current career isn't doing so well.

I'll move to another ladder in my industry.

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No way! Yes, anything for my love! I'll change it a little, but I'll keep some secret cookies hidden somewhere in the house! Only for a little while. No, why should I change my diet for them? Yes, I can't blame them for shift work. I'll try it five days a week, sure. I'll just have to get my own alarm, I suppose. No, I need my beauty sleep. Yes, I've nothing to hide.

I think I would, but I'd eventually need to change it. I'd do it under protest. I love them, and they love whichever God or gods is their thing. I would certainly give it a try. I'd change my diet at home, for sure. No, I'm not changing my diet for anyone or for any reason!

Are you ready for a serious relationship

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Are You Ready to Have a Serious Relationship?