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Things got pretty hot, like I mean real hot, at the end of the September 8,Custer County Board of County Commissioners meeting with childlike temper tantrums, verbal assaults and of course, multiple liberal snowflake meltdowns. But, in the end, it was well worth it as patriotism won and the fascist left lost. The meeting started promptly at 9 a. You learn your craft and develop your skill set to the best of your ability.

You practice, practice, practice like you would do it. Then you do it, do it, do it like you have practiced it. Simple and easy to remember. Shooting is no different, you need to learn your craft and develop your skill set to the best of your ability. Breaking that down gives you lots of variables to work on, breath control, trigger control, sight picture alignment and correction, understanding the ballistics pertaining to your caliber and how you as the shooter can affect that.

Bone support and natural point of aim, reading the wind and adjusting for barometric changes, focusing on your mission to hit what you are aiming at and ignoring and eliminating every single variable that you possibly can in order to make that one shot.

You are going to do it like you have practiced it and if you rarely or never practice it you are most likely going to get the same as the practice you have put into it. Zero practice will net you zero. When it comes to using a firearm for self-defense you quite possibly are going to live or die with one shot. There are no points for second place and when it comes to defending yourself or your family, truer words have never been spoken. Over the course of my life I have instructed all sorts of firearm disciplines from handgun to long distance precision rifle classes to literally thousands of students.

One of the things that I have learned over all those years is that shooting is a lot like driving. Over the course of my lifetime, I have owned and operated a retail and class 3 weapons dealership and have sold a fair of guns. One of the things I always asked my customers is what they intended to do with the gun they were wanting to purchase to see if I needed to do an intervention with them first, LOL! One time, a gentleman walked into my store and wanted to know if we had any derringers. He replied that he did a lot of hiking and wanted it for personal protection against mountain lions and bears.

After I stopped laughing, I sat the man down and did his intervention. Once I explained the shortcomings of the entire class of derringer-like weapons and pointed out that every derringer every made on the planet had lots of sharp edges on it, he decided he needed a real gun and bought a. You never want to shoot anything with teeth and claws with a piece of junk derringer because it might get taken away from you and planted in your behind, LOL! My point in telling Sentinel readers and my gun club members this story is that its ok to not know everything about a subject and to seek out qualified individuals and learn from them.

Last summer I bought a welder from a guy to use on some of my farm projects. Well, I have watched people weld things up before, but I had never actually done it myself since I am management, LOL. Turns out it is more difficult than it looks, so I had to get some instruction from someone more qualified than me. Then I did what I always do, I practiced until I developed a pretty good skill set with it.

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Training to Survive How good do you have to be to survive an armed encounter? You have to be better than your opponent. That sounds straightforward, however, one thing to keep in mind is that your attacker is likely going to have the element of surprise as you were likely minding your own business when the attacker decided to strike.

If you have reasonably good reaction time, a typical adult in good shape can start to react to danger in around. Is four seconds enough time to save your life or the lives of your loved ones? Depends on several other factors. Are you Adult dating Wetmore Colorado 81253 only target present in the attack, or are you simply a target in a group of targets such as a crowded church or theater? Shooters who have highly developed skill sets with lots of practice fall into the Gun Fighter threshold and can do this in less than two seconds.

Both Sam and I are able to draw and shoot two rounds on target in under two seconds, but we have each probably shot over a million rounds of ammo between us as well. Can you repeat that feat at 3, 7, 10, 15 or 25 yards in the same time frame as your point-blank performance of approximately four seconds? Can you get consistent A box hits? Probably not if you have minimal training and practice. How would you fare if you were to be attacked under those circumstances? Have you ever practiced drawing and shooting your handgun weak handed? I have said this in articles, and I say it again now as it is imperative that it sinks into your consciousness.

Once you have developed a skill set with a firearm, it is going to take you at least 50 rounds per month to maintain your original skill set. That is rounds per year, and 6, rounds per 10 years to maintain that 4 second draw and point-blank shot once you perceive there is a threat.

This class was deed by myself and Sam Tittes, my lead firearms instructor, to help improve the efficiency and confidence level of everyone who Adult dating Wetmore Colorado 81253 has a Concealed Carry Permit but a minimum of handgun combat training shooting experience or practice. I know lots of people with CCW permits and sadly, for most of them I would be absolutely terrified if I was in a restaurant or theater or church and anything happened and they drew their legally concealed firearm and started shooting, LOL.

The puppy mill concealed carry trainers churn out everyone they possibly can so they can get a CCW permit without knowing a darn thing about safely carrying, deploying and engaging a threat with their concealed carry handgun.

Do you really want that guy sitting behind you with his legally carried concealed handgun to pull it out and start shooting at some criminal who is shooting up the theater or church pew you that your family are sitting in? Hopefully most of you stood up out of your chair and yelled hec no to that question, LOL! Students who take our Combat CCW class will all be baselined on their shooting proficiency at the beginning of our live fire and then at the conclusion of live fire practice drills and you will see first-hand the benefit of taking our brand-new Combat CCW class. Whatever your skill set is, we will make you better.

We will likely run one more of these October 9th, and include a night fire element, engaging running targets, and learning how to clear a house or structure. Myron L. Mullett Busterage 55, resided in Westcliffe, CO, the past 30 years. He went to be with Jesus on September 1, On October 17,he married the love of his life Connie J. Slabach Mullett in Goshen, Indiana, and remained married to her for the rest of his days. Myron was an essential part of his family, his community, and the world.

His heart for others and his deep faith in God was seen and felt by all he met. His incredible sense of humor and love for storytelling made him a joy to any room he entered. He was wise, honest and kind. His death will leave a large hole in the hearts of all who knew him.

He was preceded in death by nephew Cory Grant Schlabach. As we reflect on this somber 20 th anniversary since the attacks on America, I hope this letter finds you well. White House staff advised you had no public events today.

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I believe that is fitting. Americans are realizing the severity of the crises we are in. Many have concluded you are unfit for the office. Many believe you were fraudulently elected. I will go further, and declare my belief you are a fraudulently installed agent under the influence of a foreign power.

Whether or not you fully comprehend your situation, Americans clearly recognize those pulling your strings oppose American greatness, leadership, and sovereignty. Handlers tell you whom to recognize at press conferences. As Americans come to realize your incompetence, a growing majority also recognizes you were not fairly elected. Evidence of fraud in multiple states supports their conclusions, and more evidence is revealed every day.

Facts are overwhelming the lies. You once stated your team had developed the most extensive voter fraud network in history. We believe you, and we clearly observed you needed every bit of it on November 3 rd Your incompetence in Afghanistan is more than enough to warrant your impeachment and removal by the 25 th Amendment.

Americans have long known of your amateurish and corrupt foreign policy —. See pdf to read in full. Myron Mullett was a unique individual. He was the kindest, gentlest, most generous and compassionate man I ever knew. There are a thousand stories about Myron and they all have a similar tone. I moved to Custer County inand had a house built in the Rosita area. Myron installed the septic system and some of the foundation work. I had made a strong point about not wanting ANY trees removed or destroyed during the construction.

One night I received this phone call. Hess, my name is Myron Mullett. But I wanted to tell you how bad I feel about it and apologize. Not about the trees but about the kind of man who would make such a call. Not many would have done that. I knew immediately I wanted to meet him. We quickly became friends, then golf partners and eventually business partners. He made you feel special.

He made everyone feel special. I am comforted only in knowing that Myron is now in the protective care of Jesus. And that lets me accept this untimely loss that I feel. Myron had a wonderful way of inspiring all who he came in contact with. He was a man of actions, not words.

He was humble, forgiving and polite to everyone. I could never begin to measure up to his standards, but I know just being around him made me a better person. He made all of us better by just being around him. He was such a good role model. He was a great Christian, son, husband, father, patriot, mentor and friend, devoted to and so proud of his wonderful family. He deserved every word that we heard at his eulogy last Monday. That promise is what makes the loss of a loving man like Myron Mullett bearable. Rest in Peace my good friend. I love you. Editor Note: Family put together a video tribute that can be seen on YouTube.

It is with profound sorrow that we announce the passing of our mother, grandmother and dear friend, Nancy Kreuz of Wetmore, Colorado. She passed at the age of 85, on September 5, She was a very hard worker including her careers as a phys. Nancy was a gregarious person and had friends in many states with whom she spoke with regularly including her neighbors, her friends at the Elks club in Florence and the Senior Center in Penrose.

She continued to run errands and visit in Westcliffe over the years.

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She was preceded in death by her husband Ed. She is survived by her daughter, son and many grandchildren. We all will miss her terribly but keep in mind— What the caterpillar thinks is the end of life, the butterfly knows is the beginning.

Adult dating Wetmore Colorado 81253

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